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Start Your Book 

Not sure how to start? Not sure you can overcome your fears? That is normal! This is the mini course for you to overcome your fears and put you on the right path for your book.


Write & Publish 

Do you want credibility for yourself and your business? Are you finally ready to share your message with the world? Learn more about how to overcome your fears and how to write and publish your book in 90 days.


Ginger Marie, Life Coach and Author of Your Weekly Guide to Bliss: 52 Ways to Welcome Happiness and Cultivate a Life You Love

"I definitely think it is a must for anyone who's looking to write and self-publish a book and needs some help and direction, doesn't know where to start. That's exactly how I felt."


Tami Rummel, Author of The Lemon Parade: A Year in Faith and Fitness


"I am a changed woman. I am a changed mother and wife. I am an author and what that means to me is that I am willing to type from my soul...It is a great and priceless gift Kathy provides to connect one soul to another. Her gift to bring a story to life is priceless and a talent that must be shared."

Samantha Salmon, bestselling author of You Can Afford to Be Healthy

"I am so grateful for you, and this whole program, and this whole experience because I started this book two years ago and if it wasn't for this opportunity I would not have finished this book."

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