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Establish yourself as an expert and have clients coming to you...

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You want to write a book.

You want to grow your credibility and business.

You want your message to be heard so you can improve the world with your message and business.

You can establish yourself as an expert and have clients come to you.

Dreams can become reality with a bit of knowledge and guidance. This is what Kathy I have accomplished in the book realm:

  • Author of 6 published books including a #1 bestseller
  • Coached students to best selling status
  • Guided students to successfully publish their books in 90 days (some want a bit more time)
  • Taught how to craft the book message so readers achieve results and are attracted to work with you as a client
  • Speaker at national writing conference
  • Publisher at Book Writing Magazine
  • Also a former engineer who organized multi-million dollar projects so I bring structure to your book process 
Kathy Wheeler with  Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul  co-author Barry Spilchuk

Kathy Wheeler with Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Barry Spilchuk

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You want to establish yourself as an expert and have clients coming to you.

You Have a Book Inside of You. You Just Don't Know Where to Start or How to Finish.

This is so true of so many people. With some personal guidance and a support community you will be able to start and finish your book. You will publish your book in 2018 so that you build your credibility.

You have the idea, you just need the knowledge of how to get that book out of you. It's causing an ache inside of you. Maybe you have piles of notes sitting or your desk or a list in your phone. 

Keeping it inside of you is not going to do anyone any good. It's not going to help you.

It's certainly not going to help the lady who is sitting in Starbucks right now sipping a latte wondering how she is going to make her next improvement. All she needs is the idea that you have to share

Your book will build your credibility and have clients coming to you.

Struggles and What Ifs

I am an engineer and marketer turned author and publisher. My heart ached in elementary school to be an author after I heard author Betsy Bates talk about her book The Pistachio Prescription. I was told that wasn't practical and went the safe route of being an engineer.

Then I rediscovered the power in words, especially when it came to standing up for an underdog. Books are one way to have your message heard and I have done that to advance my writing career as well as my concerns for social justice. You can too with simple steps and support.

I struggled with finding the time to write and regretfully put my writing on hold for many years because of this. Since then, I have developed ways to help myself and you fit writing into your schedule.

I also struggled with not feeling like I was enough to write a book. Then I came to the realization that we all have a light that we need to shine to the world and what better way than a book. If we don't fulfill our purpose on this Earth we are being greedy. We are here for a reason and need to shine our light to others.

I also struggled with just not knowing how to get a book out there. That is why I developed a simple plan so that you can write the right book in as little as 90 days. With simple step by step instructions you will be able to have your book written and published.

Struggles can be overcome. Not being heard can't.

Do you know one famous speaker or coach without a book? Think about, the best of the best all have books. You can too so that you can build your credibility and be heard.


Ginger Marie, Life Coach and Author of Your Weekly Guide to Bliss: 52 Ways to Welcome Happiness and Cultivate a Life You Love

"I definitely think it is a must for anyone who's looking to write and self-publish a book and needs some help and direction, doesn't know where to start. That's exactly how I felt."

Samantha Salmon

"I am so grateful for you, and this whole program, and this whole experience because I started this book two years ago and if it wasn't for this opportunity I would not have finished this book."

"[Before I began the class] I felt overwhelmed. I felt lost. I didn't know how to put the pieces together. I didn't know how to do the brain dump from my head to the actual piece of work." Jenny Eden Berk before taking The 90 Day Book class.
"I learned from this course, let's validate this idea... Let's make sure it's marketable... That process was very, very helpful." Jenny Eden Berk

Join The 90 Day Book program today and start your mentorship and group coaching so you get personalized support during your book writing journey. 

3 Easy Payments of $599

Full Pay $1497

Here's what's you will walk away with


  • A paperback book and a Kindle eBook when you successfully complete the course. This book will be used to grow your credibility and business. Yes, you will actually hold your book in your hands in 2018 (and your future clients will too.)
  • A plan for how to use your book to grow your business.


This is how you will do it

  • Starts February 5, 2018
  • A 30 minute 1 on 1 book strategy session during first 3 weeks. This puts you off to the right start and lets you know that you are focusing on the right area so that you grow your business with the book and not just write a dust collector.
  • Weekly group coaching calls for 12 weeks with Q&A and hot seat access. You will have that extra support available when needed so you feel confident and successfully complete your book.
  • Closed Facebook Group for class members only. Answers to questions and feedback are given in this group within 24 hours on weekdays. This gives you extra, personalized support when needed and is also great for feedback from Kathy and your colleagues. This is added community so that you can network and accomplish your goal of finishing your book.
  • 12 Modules of step-by-step video instructions.


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Get each one you qualify for!

First 5 Sign Ups Bonus:

•First 5 people get a free one on one session 45 minute session with me anytime they want the personal attention - $100 value

Bonus for Everyone:

•Bonus – Launch exposure. Have your book featured in Book Writing Magazine, sent to my list, and featured on my social media pages

Module Overview


Module 1: Build a Strong Foundation

  • Overcome the fear of writing your book. You surely have them. Let's conquer them and start the book with confidence.
  • Define the reader for your book. Once you know who to write for, the writing is easier.
  • Develop your book’s big idea and purpose so that you achieve your book's goal. You won't achieve your goal without knowing the specific purpose of the book.
  • Research what your reader wants in your book that is currently lacking in the market. There is great power in knowing what the reader wants.

Module 2: Make the Foundation Even Stronger

  • Organize to match your preferred style. You have an organization style that is best for you and will make your writing process easier.
  • Manage your time so you really can have a book written and published in 90 days. 
  • Structure your book so it is easy to write so that you get to "the end".
  • Start each chapter to draw the reader in to what you have to share. This makes the reader enjoy the book so much more and will make them want to continue the book.

Module 3: Conquer Writer's Block

  • It happens to the best of us. Learn 5 strategies to conquer Writer's Block and keep your writing on a roll so that you enjoy writing.

Module 4: Keep Writing Strong

  • Entice the reader to want to work with you so that the book builds your business.
  • The best, most asked for writing tips around so that your writing is efficient and sounds like a pro.

Module 5: It's All About The Professional Touches

  • Know what type of editor you need to hire (there are 3 types) so your book can be top quality.
  • Have your cover designed so it is impressive to readers and fits your market so that potential clients want to buy it when they see it on Amazon.

Module 6: Introduction to Interior Images

  • Learn all about interior images so that you can have the right graphics to make the interior of your book pop.

Module 7: The Extra Sections

  • Write the right introduction, conclusion, and about the author so that potential clients know you are the expert and know how to work with you.
  • Write a killer back description for you book so readers want to buy your book.

Module 8: The Power of Self-Editing

  • Self-edit your writing so your message is more powerful.

Module 9: Publishing and Distribution 

  • Discover the ins and outs of the publishing world so that you make the best choice that gets your book in the market and in the hands of potential clients so that you can grow your business.

Module 10: Paperback Power

  • Set up your account for your paperback book.
  • Learn pricing strategy so that you can optimize the results you want for your book.

Module 11: Format and Upload Your Kindle Book

  • Format and upload your book to Kindle and CreateSpace for availability through Amazon. Hello, your book is for sale at the biggest book seller around.
  • Learn digital pricing strategy to fit the purpose of your book.
  • Learn what digital distribution program best fits your marketing needs so that you get your book in as many potential customer's hands as possible.

Module 12: Launch

  • Learn how to get the most out of free promo days so that your book reaches as many potential clients as possible.
  • Set up your Author Central page in Amazon to use it to your full advantage. Tips to get potential clients to your website and social media even if they don't buy your book.

Unleash your book in 2018

Full Pay - The 90 Day Book Program $1497

Monthly Pay of 3 payments - $599/month

This Class is for You if:

-You want to write a book to help establish yourself as an expert.

-You want to write a book to help people.

-You want to use your book to gain business.

This class is not for you if:

-You want to write a fiction or children's book. (Although I do know great people I can refer you to for this.)

-You only want to work with a traditional publisher. While this is an option, 99% of the books will be self-published. (Although after writing some students do decide to go the traditional route. This is still an option, but the class only covers through writing and not how to seek and find a traditional agent and publisher.)

-You only want to write a book for passive income.

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Here are screenshots of what students said about their biggest takeaway of the first module...

Unleash your book in 2018

Full Pay - The 90 Day Book Program $1497

Monthly Pay of 3 payments - $599/month


Please call Kathy on her mobile at 810-986-0660 or email her at if you have any questions.