The Power of a Book at Christmas

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Books have such power including at Christmas time. Here are 5 stories of how a book can be powerful.

1. Christmas Joy

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting my oldest nephew’s wife who is pregnant. (I am not THAT much older than him.)

This is a time of hopes and dreams for our own babies and the babies of those we love. We want to set up the best future possible for these kids.

As we were sitting in the living room talking I recalled many of the books of my nephew’s that I had been given for my son. Specifically a Sesame Street one, which is ironic because my son never liked that show.

My nephew’s wife said that they had already started a library for their child.

At Christmas we keep a large red pail with Christmas books by the tree. During this conversation, I was able to pull out some Christmas board books we no longer use and pass them on to my nephew. Sharing of books. A family tradition to set the child up for their future.

As you know, there is so much power in a book. We learn from them and they are one thing that we use throughout our entire lives.

People remember good books. They recommend good books. They can be a legacy in a family.

Many of my clients give the books they have written to their family and clients for Christmas because it is a piece of them they want to share. It’s part of their legacy.

2. Your Book as a Christmas Card

Christmas is right around the corner. Some of us are in a moment of stress and others are soaking up every joyful morning.

I swing like a pendulum between the two. Today I am working on remembering the joys of past Christmases as I try to stay away from the stress feelings.

One of those fabulous memories is the joy a client had when she sent her newly written book to her entire Christmas list.

Just about 3 months prior she had come to me asking if it was possible to have her book written and self-published to go out to her Christmas list. We met in a local coffee shop/cafe that was also a used book store. I remember sipping my coffee thinking, yes, this can be done.

We came up with a plan and she did have her story of faith and fitness written and published in time to send out for Christmas. Her business associates, friends, and family were all so thrilled to receive the book.

This is where the 90 Day Book program idea was conceived. Years later we still reflect at Christmas time over the joyous publishing of her book.

3. The Old Fashioned

Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat. Time to put a penny in the old man’s hat.

Those were simpler times (and surely rougher too). I look at all of the wrapped gifts under my tree and recall books that I have read from times where this tradition had not yet started.

However, even back in those simpler times, books were of value. A book was a good gift. A book held knowledge and power.

It used to be that only the privileged could read. They were obviously the ones with the knowledge as well as the access to the books. Books and reading were one of the distinguishing factors between the classes.

It also used to be that it was scandalous for a woman to write a book.

Things have improved since then (though we are not at 100% literacy even in the U.S.).

A book has even more power now that most people have access to them. A book has the power to communicate your message, as well as grow your credibility and business.

A book also has the power to bring a smile to someone’s face or tears to their eyes.

A book is a connection between the author and the reader.

4. Christmases Past

Do you ever see a book that reminds you of one from your childhood?

This book, Max’s Christmas, is one of those for me. I remember walking through Barnes and Noble about 12 years ago and lighting up when I saw it.

This was my mom’s favorite book to read to us at Christmas. Of course I had to buy it for my kids.

Books give us emotional connections, not just because of the content, not just because of the content, but because of the way they relate to our lives.

It might be the connection you feel to the person who read it to you. It could also be to the connection you feel to the author because of the changes the content brought about in your life.

That’s what a good book that grows your credibility and business will do. It will make the people who read it grateful that they connected with you and want to work more with you.

5. The Legacy Book

Books can play such a power role in our lives.

Years ago, my grandma passed away at age 96. I was extremely attached to her so the first Christmas after her death was difficult. I had to hold back tears as I listened to the pastor talk about her in a sermon. He shared about a book that reminded him of her (the one in this picture).

This book became a fixture in our family and my mom found these ornaments of the book for us one year. This is the power of a book.

A book that you read can speak mountains to you. A book you write can be a legacy.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good READ!

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