Story Banks: A Must Have Writing Tool

Story Banks Cover

What is a story bank? It’s a free treasure chest of gems for you.

A story bank is a list of stories that you keep to use in your future writing (or speeches). I keep my writing bank in my phone’s note section.

It doesn’t have many details, just enough so that I will remember when I need to pull one out.

Here is an example of the first item in my current story bank.

It says, “Watching the reconnection between a father and kids at the airport.” Simple right?

My heart beats faster just reading that on the phone screen. That could be used in a post about balance or a post about how the simple things in business and life can bring us joy.

Here’s another example.

Imagine you’re ten years old and tell your best friend this great idea at recess. It’s a new combination of toppings that you want to try at the sundae store. Walking in from recess you hear your friend tell another girl with blond braids about this great idea claiming it’s her own. How do you feel?

That’s a story that most people can relate to in one way or another.

Why use a story? There are so many reasons including it makes you more relatable and engages your audience more.

When you have a funny experience or something catches your heart record it for future use. Especially if it is an experience your ideal client would have.

What are the things in your everyday life that you can tie back to your business?

For example, something about a trip to Target if your ideal client shops there. Some of the most engaging business posts I have seen have had Target stories in them.

Another example is how you handle the frustration of a long line. You could also consider stories about comparing yourself at the beach, your kid having a melt down at the store, or date night with your hubby.

Each of those stories above can be tied back to your business. Take a bit of time to brainstorm and you will see the ties that can be there.

You will engage your audience and make your post more valuable. It adds so much to a book as well.