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Keep your access and more!

Have your book formatted for you, keep access to the course, and join the book marketing mastermind group!

Authors, our time together is coming to an end! Can you believe you are almost a published author?

It has been a fabulous experience working with each and every one of you and I would love to continue this.

The classroom will be open until April 14, 2017. What a bad week in the U.S. - the classroom closes and taxes are due! Don't worry, there is an option for you to keep access. 

Two of the most difficult parts of being an author are upon us.

The first is the formatting. The course includes a formatting video to teach you step-by-step how to properly format your book. You have the option to format your own book. This is too tedious for some of you, so I have offered an alternative described below.

The other difficult step is the marketing.

Eighty percent of a book's success is its marketing. For you coaches and entrepreneurs, you also want to leverage your book to gain clients.

To help with this, I am launching a new book marketing mastermind group with monthly webinars and Q&A calls. See details below of how to gain access.

Option 1: Formatting 

  • Done for you formatting for CreateSpace (paperback) and Kindle (eBook).
  • Includes up to 11 images.
  • You provide the MS Word version. You will receive the formatted MS Word and pdf files for CreateSpace as well as the files for Kindle. This allows you to make changes to the MS Word files if needed.
  • You choose the font, font size, subtitle styles.

$247 paid in full

Option 2: Beta Alumni Lifetime Access

  • Lifetime access to The 90 Day Book classroom including any updates and improvements. Current access ends on April 14. That's right, you have access to the course for its entire lifetime.
    • Next class includes an initial private 30 minute strategy consultation and 2 private help, I'm stuck sessions
  • The 90 Day Book Facebook Group continued access.
  • Member of the paid Book Marketing Mastermind Group for 3 months - $123 value. 
  • Join every future live launch of this course.
  • Have access to the class for your future book launches.
  • Optional: Add on the done for you formatting for $197.

This alone is a $997 value. It's an easy decision.

$157 x 3 monthly payments or

$397 paid in full

Option 3: VIP Author

Get fast access to every course I ever create!

  • 1 on 1 book strategy sessions – 30 min. sessions x 2. Talk about IngramSpark and if a wider distribution network is best for you, what the best way to market your particular book is, or whatever you need help with.  - $150 Value
  • Email accountability support for 2 months – email access M-F to hold you accountable to finishing your book or market it. That's right, up to 5 days a week email access to me with 1 business day turn around time. - $197 value
  • Book Marketing Mastermind membership group access for the life of the group - $497 annual value
    • New monthly webinar on book marketing including topics such as:
      • Book Trailers
      • Facebook Ads
      • Speak to Sell
      • Book Signings
    • Monthly live Q&A 
  • Formatting of current book for CreateSpace and Kindle - $247 value (Want to format your own? Take $100 off the price.)
  • Re-evaluation of categories 30 days after publishing. Consult with me to discover where your book will rank best. - $97 value
  • Maintain access to class for the lifetime of the course – including any updates $997 value
    • The next class includes an initial private 30 minute strategy consultation and 2 private help, I'm stuck sessions. This in addition to the coaching mentioned earlier.
  • Access to any future beta classes – Here are a few of the planned classes
    • Facebook ads for books class within next 12 months - $197+ value
    • IngramSpark (includes hardcover) vs. Exclusive Amazon plus and minuses mini-course within next month - $47+ value

At a $2,429 value, you can't beat this deal!

$197 x 6 monthly payments or 

$997 paid in full

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

My goal is for you to be 100% satisfied. If you aren't satisfied, just contact me within 30 days for your full money back.

Easy, peasy.

Formatting of files requires acceptance before final file is sent to you. 

What is best for you?

Option 1:

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Formatting Only



Option 2:

Lifetime Alumni Access

$157 x 3 monthly payments or

$397 paid in full

Option 3:

VIP Author

$197 x  6 monthly payments or

$997 paid in full