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Idea to Outline Workshop

Take that idea for a book that's aching to get out of you and accomplish the first major milestones so that you can hold a book in your hands within the year.

  • Overcome your fears so that you complete your project
  • Validate your idea so that you create a book that your readers want
  • Know your reader so that you engage them more in your writing
  • Narrow down your idea into what your reader wants so that you can make the most impact with your message
  • Complete your outline so that your book is easy to write

How to Write and Publish Your Book in 90 Days

Hold your book in your hands in 90 Days

Discover How to:

  • Overcome the fear of writing your book and the fear you are not expert enough so that you finish your credibility building book
  • Research what your reader wants in your book that is currently lacking in the market so that you reach the right potential clients
  • Develop your book’s purpose and big idea so that it is easier to market
  • Organize to match your preferred style so that it is easy for you to complete
  • Manage your time so you really can have a book written and published in 90 days so that you can start growing your credibility and business
  • Structure your book so it is easy to write so that you get it done
  • Have a beautiful cover designed so that it attracts more people
  • Format and upload your book to Kindle and CreateSpace for availability through Amazon so that potential clients have easy access to it
  • Have a published book in your hands - both paperback and Kindle so that you can hand it out to future clients or give it to existing ones
  • One on one and Group Coaching to guide you through the steps so that you get your book done

Next class starts Feb. 5!

Jump Start Your Book

A one on one intensive where we jump start your book!

You will walk away from this intensive with:

  • A plan to make money with your book
  • A clear purpose for your book
  • A clarified big idea for your book 
  • How to do the most necessary market research to position your book and ensure you give the readers what they want
  • The start of your outline with follow up email support throughout the week
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Work One On One

Accountability and feedback so that you finish and publish your book

Do you like a little more accountability and feedback? You can work with me on a one on one basis with either my laser coaching program or custom in depth coaching and critiques. 

  • Start your book
  • Finish your book
  • Publish your book

Schedule a free initial discovery session here to see if we are the best fit for you.