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How to Start Your Book 

Free Mini Course!

Walk away with confidence

Overcome your fears of starting your book in this free 3 session mini course.

This free mini course will help you overcome your fears around your book and have you take those first solid steps of writing your book.

  • Overcome your fear
  • Learn how to let your light shine outward
  • Give yourself permission to write your book
  • Understand your why
  • Create your hook
  • Create your working title
  • Know your reader

You will walk away from this free course with the confidence to write your book as well as the start of your hook, title, and research.


Create a Vision Book Board

Free mini Course

Start your book vision

Experience the feeling of holding your book in your hands. Do you love vision boards? Create a vision book board for your book.

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How to Write and Publish Your Book in 90 Days

Hold your book in your hands in 90 Days

Discover How to:

  • Overcome the fear of writing your book and the fear you are not expert enough
  • Research what your reader wants in your book that is currently lacking in the market
  • Develop your book’s purpose and big idea
  • Organize to match your preferred style
  • Manage your time so you really can have a book written and published in 90 days
  • Structure your book so it is easy to write
  • Have a beautiful cover designed
  • Format and upload your book to Kindle and CreateSpace for availability through Amazon
  • Have a published book in your hands - both paperback and Kindle
  • One on one and Group Coaching to guide you through the steps

Next class coming in April 2017. Sign up for the wait list now!