Do you have an audience of people who might want to write a nonfiction book? (80% of people want to write a book!)

Hi, my name is Kathy and I'm a book coach. When people want to write a book and aren't sure where to start, they come to me. I help people who are struggling with knowing how to start and publish a book overcome their fears and use structure and a process to complete and publish their books. 


The Offer

The 90 Day Book is a comprehensive course including personalized coaching to take people from wanting to write a book to holding a book in their hands. Not only will they receive the full benefits of the class, they will also receive a $50 off coupon.

Your Commission

Your commission will be 30% of this $997 plan. There is also a monthly payment plan at $197 for 6 months.

"...affiliates are paid on the first of each month (or closest business day) for all sales made over 30 days prior to that date, a schedule made necessary by Teachable’s 30-day refund policy." (Source: Teachable help)

Again, anyone you refer will also receive a $50 off coupon for the class. You both win! Read more about the class at

Promo Materials

For promo materials email Kathy is available for online speaking engagements as well as recorded engagements to help promote to your tribe.

Ginger Marie, Life Coach and Author of Your Weekly Guide to Bliss: 52 Ways to Welcome Happiness and Cultivate a Life You Love

"I definitely think it is a must for anyone who's looking to write and self-publish a book and needs some help and direction, doesn't know where to start. That's exactly how I felt."

Samantha Salmon of Raw Food Meal Planner


"I am so grateful for you and this whole program and this whole experience because I started this book two years ago and if it wasn't for this opportunity I would not have finished this book."