The smartest way to start your book without the guess work using the 5 step shine method

So that

you can get that book that is aching to get out of you started


any of the guess work that leaves you in limbo with the book in your head even if you are not a writer.


If you're like most people who want to write a book, you don't know how to start. You sit down at Starbucks with your laptop and latte and stare at a blank screen.

You don't know how to put the pieces together. You've secretly had the desire to write a book for years.

You feel overwhelmed. You want to be an author, but wonder if you really can be.

If that's the case, this workshop is for you.

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Hosted by Kathy Wheeler, the Publisher of Book Writing Magazine and the author of 6 books, including a bestseller.


"[Before I began the class] I felt overwhelmed. I felt lost. I didn't know how to put the pieces together. I didn't know how to do the brain dump from my head to the actual piece of work." Jenny Eden Berk before taking The 90 Day Book class.
"I learned from this course, let's validate this idea... Let's make sure it's marketable... That process was very, very helpful." Jenny Eden Berk on the From Idea to Outline portion of the class.

Expecting Something Fabulous

Imagine knowing that the idea for your book is validated. Yes, now you know that there are people who need this type of book.

People who can eventually be your clients. People who need to hear your message.

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This feels, well kind of like when you know you are expecting something fabulous…like a baby or you are going to get married, or the first inkling that you are going on a vacation.

You are able to sit with your coffee knowing that you can achieve your goal of sharing your message with those that need it.

At lunch out with friends when you all are discussing your dreams, you can let them know that you will be writing a book.

You have clarity of your idea and have taken charge.

What you will get:

  • A total of a 5 hour video conference masterclass & workshop (you can do phone if you prefer). Includes learning and doing time. A replay is available. The Live workshop is Weds., Jan. 31 (11-2 EST) and Fri., Feb. 2 (11-1 EST).
  • 6 sections of training each followed by a work time so that you get it done.
  • 4 worksheets to help you work through the exact information that you need to start your book.
  • A research spreadsheet to evaluate what is on the market and what readers want to see.
  • A MS Word or Google Doc outline template to make the outline and future writing process easy for you.
  • 3 days of a private Facebook Group where I will answer all of your questions related to going from idea to outline.
  • Bonus 1 - Set your boundaries on your creative baby video training by Patti Villalobos 
  • Available if you sign up by 1/18 Bonus 2 - A 30 minute call with Kathy Wheeler to discuss your idea

What you will walk away with:

  • A defined purpose for your book so that you shape your book with the most impact
  • The hook and working title for your book so that you can share the news about your book
  • A validation that you will write the right book so that you fulfill your purpose
  • A clear understanding of who your ideal reader is so that your book is more engaging
  • An organization method to use for your book writing and research so that your book is easier to write
  • Market research about what is currently available and what readers really want so that you write the right book
  • A complete outline of your book so that your writing is easy

All for a no brainer investment of only $147. Class is Jan. 31 and Feb. 2. Replays are available if you can't make it.

What else do you need to know?

This class is different because we spend time working on the purpose of the book, which is one of the key components that most people miss. You will validate and clarify your idea.

Think it's too much time? You're walking away with a complete outline! This is one of the key components to a well written book.

Worried about the cost? I priced this so that it's a no brainer decision. This is a full class along with a Facebook Group to answer your individual questions.